Saturday, February 2

Murder With Puffins – Donna Andrews

Some months after the awful events of her mother’s wedding, Meg Langstow and her boyfriend Michael are ready for a short break from her rather excentric extended family. A weekend in her aunt’s well-appointed holiday home on a picturesque, isolated island sound like just the thing, but Meg and Michael didn’t count on a hurricane marooning them on Monhegan, let alone the flock of avid bird watchers keen to see the annual puffin migration. They didn’t anticipate on Meg’s parents having the same idea, or her aunt. And they couldn’t possibly have foreseen the island’s most hated man, semi-talented painter Victor Resnick, being killed. Almost everyone, including Meg’s parents, have a motive, and it once again falls to Meg to save her parents from themselves, even if it takes unmasking a killer to do so.
Although I didn’t enjoy Puffins quite as much as I did the prequel, Murder with Peacocks, this is still a fast-paced, entertaining and enjoyable read. Meg’s complicated, extended family come to the fore once more, quirky and endearing as only eccentrics unrelated to you can be.
Inspired by my enjoyment of the first Meg Langstow mystery I reserved what my library has of the series, and will therefore continue on to the next one before deciding if this, like the *Turing series, would have been better as a stand-alone. – Alex

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