Sunday, February 10

Fly Me to the Moon – Alyson Noël

Flight attendant Hailey Lane’s birthday goes from spectacular – a cancelled trip means she can get home unexpectedly early, home to her captain boyfriend of four years who, armed with a small turquoise box, is sure to propose – to devastating, when she discovers Michael getting a blowjob. From a flight attendant from a rival (budget!) airline. Who’s a guy. Now Hailey has to work out what she really wants from life, and if she’s still content to coast along waiting for her life to begin, or if she’s going to take charge.
This is a frothy, failry predictable but enjoyable holiday read. The exotic locations, particularly Mykonos, are designed for beachside reading, the obligatory supportive gay friend, cute straight savior, and misunderstanding that get in the way of a premature happily ever after are present, and though the ending’s predictable, the trip’s a blast. – Alex

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