Friday, February 29

A False Sense of Well Being - Jeanne Braselton

Therapist Jessie Maddox, thirty eight, married to a faithful and responsible banker sixteen years her senior, has everything she could ask for. But, discontented, she finds herself dreaming and day-dreaming, about her husband's death - from car accident, accidental poisoning, or smothering him while he sleeps beside her. She just knows the role of mourning widow would suit her, if only her husband would do the right thing, and die already.
This first novel has rave reviews on the cover - a brilliant first novel, by all accounts. Except mine. I picked it up because of the promised "colourful cast of eccentrics" Jessie meets while going through a midlife crisis. but didn't make it there.
It wasnt terrible, but Jessie just didn't speak to me - she's a therapist, for heaven's sake! Of all people she should know - if you don't like your life, fix it. There's no reason for her not to leave the worthy Turner - she's educated, has a career, has no children, he isn't violent - but instead she meanders along wasting the time she has. Maybe I'm just in a disgruntled mood, but I wasn't interested in wasting my time along with her. - Alex

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