Wednesday, February 13

Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon – Donna Andrews

Meg Langslow’s working part-time at her brother’s new business, Mutant Wizards. His board game, Lawyers from Hell, created when he was supposed to be studying for the Bar, has taken off, and the electronic version’s the biggest thing to hit gaming in forever. But it’s not all smooth sailing – fans and spies are trying to uncover the secrets of the latest edition of Lawyers from Hell, the therapists who share Mutant Wizards’ offices aren’t happy, and one of the most annoying employees has just been found dead on an automated mail cart. Even more pressing, Meg and boyfriend Michael can’t find anywhere to live.
This fourth in the Meg Langstow series is as enjoyable as the first and third, and I’m glad I’ve decided to stick with it. The characters are fun, Meg’s strong, determined and funny, and the extended cast are dynamic. The mystery’s original, but it’s the little touches, like pirate variations on the game, that set this apart from other, lesser amateur detective mystery series. I’, a bit behind in my reviewing or I’d come up with more specific example – insert your own superlatives and give the series a try. – Alex

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